Alumni Events

Year 2013

Mentor in Law: Founding and Leading Your Own Firm

Piano Concert by world renowned Chinese pianist Yin Chengzong (殷承宗)

Beida Monthly on Sat. 10/19/13
Meet at the Museum - A Tour of Museum of American Finance

A Discussion with Members of the ECPU's PKU Venture Capital: Entrepreneurship in China

A Dinner Gathering with Members of the Entrepreneur Club of Peking University

Beauty of China, Show the World Concert

Beida Monthly on Sun. 8/25/13:
PKU Alumni Associations' Joint Summer Picnic

Beida Monthly on Tues. 7/30/13
- " Financial Reform in China: Shadow Banks, Liquidity Crisis and Xi Jinping's Economic Restructuring Plans"‏‏

Beida Monthly on Thur. 7/25/13:
Mentor Series V "Finance: Research & Investment"‏‏

Beida Monthly on Sat. 6/29:
Open Planning Meeting I Followed by Film Viewing, Discussion and Dinner

- 以北大校友俞敏洪、王强及徐小平为原型的电影"中国合伙人"自上映以来,在校友中引起众多反响和争议,大纽约校友会在此邀请大家一起观赏此片,评议作品,回顾燕园,畅所欲言。

展望中国 - 张维迎教授和海闻副校长与北大校友和朋友分别见面谈话

特别活动: 北美崔哥"中国留学生应急援助基金"募集演出

Beida Monthly on 4/15:
Social Investment - Investing for Good

NYC Mayoral Candidates Forums Hosted by Asian American Federation

Senses of Reality - A Talk by Xi Chuan

北大笔会文学讨论会 Beida Pen Club on 3/2/13

Beida Monthly on Fri. 3/1/13 - "Tax Talk"

听黄西 • 庆元宵
Yuanxiao Festival with Joe Wong

"I Sing Beijing" Concert and Dinner

PKU Alumni Association of Greater New York
2013 Winter Ski Trip to Camelback Mountain Resort
Martin Luther King’s Day Weekend

2013 New Year's Celebration

Year 2012

Event: Pre-Holiday Warm-Up Party

Beida Pen Club on 12/2/12

Beida Monthly on 11/17/12: Mentor Series IV
 - “From Rome, All Roads Lead to Wonderful Places”

Beida Monthly Special: Academic Career Opportunities at Peking University

Beida Monthly on 9/30/12:
Mid-Autumn Change-a-Life Hike/Bike/Walk with CCPF and Friends

Beida Monthly on 8/16/12:
Mentor Series III - "War Stories and Life Choices for Wall Street Lawyers"

Beida Monthly on 7/21/12:
Meet at the Museum - MOMA

Beida Monthly on 6/19/12:
Saving the China Tigers - in Africa - Thinking Outside the Box

Beida Monthly on 5/26/12:
Celebration of Peking University's 114th Anniversary with Alumni, Families and Friends

Beida Monthly on 4/17/12:
The Chinese Leadership Transition and Its Implications on China's Future Political Economy

Beida Monthly on 3/12/12:
Mentor Series II "Finance: Trading & Investment"

Beida Monthly on 2/22/12:
Mentor Series I “Entrepreneurship”

Beida Monthly on 1/20/12:
2012 New Year Celebration: Honor the Past and Embrace the Future

Year 2011

5th Conference of the Peking University US Alumni Associations

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Autumn Hike on Bear Mountain

Visiting Speaker Zhen Liu:
Investing in China – Time to Hedge “中国投资的对冲时代”

Beida Monthly in September - A Talk on Networking and Career Opportunities in U.S. and China

Beida Monthly in August - A Panel Discussion on Hedge Funds in US and China

Summer at Central Park

Beida Monthly in July: Dr. Loxley on Becoming an Excellent Communicator - 7.7.2011

Beida Summer in Flushing: A Discussion on Beida's Humanistic Tradition - 6.25.2011

Beida Monthly in June: A Talk on the Trend of Weakening Dollar and Rising RMB - 6.9.2011

Film Screening “There they were (此间的少年)” - 5.12.2011

Peking University President Zhou Qifang
Celebration of Peking University's 113th Anniversary - 4.3.2011

2011 Holiday Celebration - 12.22.2010

Year 2010

Weiming Forum - 11.9.2010


Celebration of Peking University's 112th Anniversary - 5.15.2010


2010 Chinese New Year Celebration - 2.20.2010


Peking University Student Delegation's Visit - 2.2.2010


2010 New Year Celebration - 12.16.2009


Year 2009

Peking University Student Delegation's Visit - 11.1.2009


Picnic at Central Park - 9.20.2009


Finance Forum - 8.29.2009


Celebration of Peking University's 111th Anniversary - 5.2.2009


Chinese New Year Celebration - 1.30.2009


Peking University Student Symphony Ochestra's Visit - 1.21.2009

北大大纽约地区校友会盛请款待北大学生交响乐团, 共庆农历新年