Mentor Program


Piloted in 2011, our mentor program provides an opportunity for our experienced alumni to reach out to less experienced alumni and mentor them on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to, career advising, continuing education, entrepreneurship, making it as an immigrant, juggling between family and career, chossing between staying and returning. The program usually runs several times per year in midtown manhattan on a weekday evening and in a group setting with 1-2 mentors and 12-24 mentees for a 2-hour session. Due to the capacity limit, the mentor program is mostly open to Beida alumni only with priority given to members of the PKUAAGNY Linkedin Group (Link) and members who have volunteered in the past.


1. We collect our alumni's information and their mentor resources or needs through our online member registration;

2. The topics can be categorized by the industry (bio research, finance; IT and law etc.), the setting (academia, corporate, entrepreneurship and family etc.), the skills (communication, etiquette and technical etc.) and so on;

3. The topics vary and rotate throughout the year depending on our mentors' availability and our mentees' demand.


1. Mentors: Mentors are mostly Beida alumni, but can also be others, whoever have the wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our alumni;

2. Mentees: Menteers are mostly Beida alumni, but can also be others when our capacity allows, especially international students or immigrant professionals, who may benefit from the program.


1. Submitting the mentor request through our member registration only tells us about your interest in the program and doesn't sign you up for the program announcements;

2. You have to be a member in the PKUAAGNY LINKEDIN GROUP (for alumni only) or PKUAAGNY YAHOO GROUP (for non-alumni) in order to receive the program announcements.